When you submit from the ColorReelFilms.com website, you would be submitting to the ColorReel film streaming platform, which is a global subscription-based film streaming platform. Sidenote: Not to be confusing but there are awards and film festivals involved. Since we value community, we are creating opportunities to celebrate the filmmakers themselves and their work in the following two (2) ways:

1. An annual digital film festival competition called the ColorReel Film Fest beginning July 2020. This event will have a separate submission process. If your film is already being streamed on the ColorReel platform and fits the film fest criteria, you still have the option of submitting it for the competition. If you do not have a film on the platform but want to submit a film to the ColorReel Film Fest separately, that will be possible as well. The ColorReel Film Fest Submissions process is separate – you would know if you are submitting to the film festival specifically.

2. An annual awards ceremony called the ColorReel Awards beginning January 2021. All films that have started streaming on the ColorReel platform the year before will be considered for an award. You don’t need to do any special submission to be considered for a ColorReel Award.

New films as well as older film projects are welcome! Feel free to submit an older project. Even if it's old to you, it's new to so many people who may be touched by your work but haven't had a platform to see it before now.
We're open to non-exclusive content. We will work with the filmmaker on a case-by-case basis because different types of films have different needs. E.g. music videos need to be widely available on to get the music out, so there is no expectation of exclusivity for those. As long as the filmmaker is making an income, is not being exploited, and as long as it doesn't put ColorReel at legal risk, then we're open to non-exclusive deals. There will be financial incentive for filmmakers who make their films exclusive to ColorReel, but as a young platform we know we need to build and support everyone and do what's best for our filmmakers.
Sure! ColorReel is a subscription-based platform that anyone around the world can subscribe to. There are monthly subscriptions ($6.49 USD/mo or annual subscriptions $64.99 USD/year). Subscribers can watch any film on the platform just like any other streaming platform. The difference is they can also learn more about the filmmakers themselves, as well as support filmmakers projects and fundraising campaigns if they're so inclined (each filmmaker has a profile with fundraising capability). 20% of all ColorReel subscription revenue will always go back to the filmmakers as residual income for having their films on the platform. So in any given month/quarter/year, 20% of subscription income from viewers will be divided up among and distributed to the filmmakers whose films are streaming on ColorReel.
If you genuinely cannot afford the submission fee but would like to be part of ColorReel, send an email to submissions@colorreelfilms.com with the subject “Submission Fee Assistance” and we will work with you to help you submit, ideally by pairing you with a sponsor. We do not want to deny access to diverse talented filmmakers just because of a fee.